Our Story

Inspiring Hopes ... Empowering Dreams

Who We Are

David and Cynthia Pearson are passionate about equipping and empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their purposes and dreams.

They both grew up in the developing world and have seen first hand the ravages of poverty brought on by broken families and adverse circumstances. They believe strongly in the concept of social entrepreneurship, that we achieve success not only for ourselves, but also for the benefit of others. David first visited Nepal two weeks after the earthquake in 2015, and was deeply impacted by the beauty of the country as well as the people . They sold their thriving business of 27 years in the USA and moved here to serve the Nepali people through small business training, mentorship, and incubation. Cynthia enjoys teaching and together they look forward to bringing your dreams into reality!

What We Do

If you have been dreaming of starting your own business, now is the time to take your dream and turn it into reality! Nepal is located between the two largest growing middle classes in the history of the world, providing an unprecedented chance for those willing to step out and take a risk, to start and grow their own businesses.

NuVenture Nepal exists to assist you in clearing the perceived and real obstacles to achieving the success you now only dream of. We offer the startup knowledge and the mentorship you need to help you apply that knowledge. As you explore, and learn in a stimulating environment with fellow entrepreneurs, you will discover new friends, take on a new mindset, and leave with not only a certificate but a practical business plan and important connections to achieve your dreams. Register today to step into your new future!

Meet Our Team

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Cynthia Pearson
Founder & Director

Cynthia Pearson cofounded Pearson Construction LLC with her husband, David Pearson. She contributed to the success of the company with book keeping and receptionist work. She successfully raised four children and has very strong organizational and administrative skills. She strongly believes in entrepreneurship as a means to alleviate poverty and has become a certified trainer for the Alternativ curriculum which is used in many places of the world. She is passionate to equip and empower men and women with the entrepreneurial skills needed to start their own businesses.                                                                                             

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David Pearson
Founder & Director

As a successful businessman, David enjoys developing and growing ideas into profitable ventures. He co founded and owned Pearson Construction LLC for 27 years. Working as a team or individually, he likes to foster dreams into reality. In his extensive travels, David has seen how entrepreneurship and proper business training can alleviate poverty and change economic conditions family by family. His goal is to help individuals identify their potential, overcome obstacles and face risks in order to thrive and flourish in the business world.



Bhola Kaji Adhikari “Prakash”
Accounting Specialist

Prakash comes to NuVenture Nepal with many years of accounting experience. His integrity, dedication and attention to detail, bring stability and peace of mind to our team. He is enthusiastic about empowering entrepreneurs with the tools they need to start a successful business.

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Anjali “Sanju” Tamang Shrestha
Office Manager

Sanju brings to NuVenture Nepal a wide array of skills and talents, not the least of which is her gift of connection. Her people skills and administrative abilities have opened many doors giving her experience in hotel management, leadership positions in women’s groups, and nonprofit organizations. Her friendliness served her well as a professional barista. She also successfully completed midwifery school.

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